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Cornell advocates for continued visas and OPT for students from all countries

5/29/2020: Statement by Cornell Vice Provost Wendy Wolford in support of Cornell's Chinese and international community

Cornell University is strengthened by its outstanding Chinese students, distinguished researchers, and dedicated alumni. A strong international student body is a crucial part of the education of future leaders and global citizens, and cross-cultural understanding is increasingly critical for addressing major challenges that humanity faces in today’s world. 

We strongly advocate for the maintenance of F and J visa access for Cornell students and researchers from all countries, including Mainland China, as well as extended OPT opportunities in all fields. 

康奈尔大学因有其优秀的中国学生、出色的中国研究人员、和热忱的中国校友而更为强大。 优秀的国际学生群体是培养未来领导者和世界公民的教育(环境)的重要组成部分,跨文化的理解对于解决当今世界人类所面临的重大挑战有着日趋重要的意义。